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If you’re thinking about starting out with your hen coop project, you should be aware that the process won’t be quite as easy if you are a first timer. Firstly, you will need very specific instructions with illustrative pictures, if you ever wish to finish a fully functional coop of your own. With that in mind, there are tons of chicken coop designs and blueprints that can be found over the internet. Like everybody, my initial search began by finding some of these online “for free” plans but you should be vary of the general quality of these.

The plans that you’ll need should come with:

  • A list or table of the tools and materials needed to build it
  • Detailed structure features
  • The exact measurements of each component and each compartment
  • Step-by-step instructions preferably with illustrations on how to put everything together to form the structure

A DIY coop can cost as little as $200 — compared to about $500 for a pre-built coop. John White’s “” provides designs and plans that even a DIY novice can follow with no hassle. You should definitively use this guide if you’re looking to get lots of chickens but don’t want to pay the price for a pre-made coop. In this guide you get 19 different chicken coop plans so you can choose between small or large chicken coop, depending on number of chickens you want to raise. All blueprints come with full material lists that you can take to your local hardware shop so they can prepare and saw everything to the right dimensions for you, step-by-step walkthroughs and full-color illustrations.

The Pros

  • Full color pictures blueprints with all necessary measurements and explanations for small, medium or large chicken coops – the total 19 of them.
  • Anyone can do it with some patience and space, you really only have to have a hand drill
  • This isn’t a book that will take you hours to read before you can even think about starting to build your own coop.
  • Includes great online bonuses like The Video Vault, discussion Forum and Members photo gallery
  • Sometimes you can even get helpful bonus e-books: Chicken Keeping Basics, Keeping Chickens In The City, Safe & Healthy Chickens Guide and 111 Chef Egg Recipes.
  • Comes with a full refund 60 days policy. Thus, if at any time in those 60 days you aren’t satisfied or feel the guide is not working, You can request a full no questions asked refund for the entire purchase amount.

The Cons

  • The guide materials can seem overwhelming at first but video and forum are very useful tools.
  • I didn’t like the fact that there are only 19 chicken coops blueprints available. My recommendation is that you get this guide only if you like some of the coop pictures that are on the seller’s website. So, be aware that you only get the blueprint for 19 chicken coops presented on seller’s official website.

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  • David Hess built this beauty using the “Gambrel Poultry Shed” plan

  • Gretchen Evans built this coop using the “Gambrel Poultry Shed” plan

My experience

My findings so far were that most of these seemingly “free” online designs were far from complete, so I wouldn’t suggest spending hours to look for “free” plans. I’d looked for the best-selling ones that have actual user reviews before I invested in them. I highly recommend this guide, because there was no guess work about the materials needed and I was able to build my large coop during in a few days and at a fraction of the cost of a pre-built coop. My family was very proud about my achievement and I was very satisfied with how it turned out.

The Conclusion

Although I don’t think that only 19 blueprints are enough to choose from if you plan to build additional ones in the future, I believe that the blueprints with the price of materials attached is more than worth your money alone, especially if you really like one of the 19 coops provided. Furthermore, I like the fact that this 19 chicken coops are all different dimensions and designed to accommodate a different number of chickens so that you can pick one that is perfect for your needs. The bonuses weren’t a precondition for me, as I had a previous knowledge on the subject, though I read it and for a novice it will come in handy in the future.

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