Karl Cagen’s “Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans” Review


Buying a pre-made chicken coop can usually cost $500 or $600 upwards. Although you think it is all finished, you’ll often get a flat-pack coop that you have to build yourself anyway. So you end up paying for overpriced materials, designs and labor and still have to do it yourself! That is why I think that building your own hen coop from home is by far the most cost effective solution, and for me the most fun and rewarding option. This being said, you’ll need to research and account for:

  • the right materials

  • measurements

  • nesting boxes

  • perches and entertainment

  • lighting

  • positioning and ventilation

  • protection from the elements and deadly predators

  • waste collection

The main reason I chose to review Karl Cagen’s guide is the fact it ticks all the right boxes I’m looking for in a DIY blueprints:

fresh eggs in grass

Super easy to build

Fun & entertaining for your chickens

Complete with full lists of materials and sizes

Keeps out dangerous predators

Designed for maximum egg production and easy egg collection

Simply Print them off and build your NEW attractive backyard chicken coop using super-cheap materials from your local DIY store!

If you’d like to check their website click to Go To Official Website

My experience with “Easy DIY Chicken Coop Plans”

fresh eggs in grassPlanning and doing it yourself may seem just overwhelming, but I’ve found that Karl Caden’s guide is an easy and cost-effective solution. He used his extensive experience in chicken keeping and teaming together with top chicken farmers and DIY chicken coop designers. I’ve got this guide and discovered the complete step-by-step chicken coop plans, DIY video tutorials that enable you to quickly and easily build a secure chicken house from home and welcome your pet chickens with a comfortable chicken coop they can enjoy!

I was warmly surprised when I realized that there ware no eccentric complicated chicken coops, only super-easy-to-build blueprints. The guide came with a full list of low cost materials with measurements and cutting sizes so I avoided the endless hours of building frustration.

The best thing is, you can build any of them in a short afternoon. My friends were really impressed with my savvy new building skills. Overall, I added a new interesting and exiting addition to my backyard.

fresh eggs in grassIt is amazing to know that there is a chicken coop product that understands the need of individuals who want to raise their own chicken or for those that had difficulty maintaining a clean shelter for their chicken.

People often think that raising chicken needs huge amount of money. This is a usual notion if  you have to build a sturdy chicken coop. You need a safe place and cozy place for your chicken. With this, the quotation for materials and carpentry works are expensive and this hinders you to pursue your dream to raise chicken. All these factors needed for your chicken is made easy with this guide. It is presented in a systematic way that won’t require you to use expensive tools.

This chicken coop book is a practical product for those who want to start a small chicken business or just for their family need, because it contains all range of hen coop sizes. My friends were thrilled with the colorful guide, since it gave them the opportunity to build it on their own. I think that it also enhanced my creativity allowing me to explore alternative materials and save my resources for other important matters.

Anyone who wants to purchase a copy of the guide won’t have difficulty in doing so since it can be done in 5 minutes. Furthermore, the secure order form from Clickbank guarantees that it is 100% save to use with less hassle by filling out Paypal or credit card information and following the needed action to continue the order. They are even willing to refund the amount if you feel that it is not worth the amount you paid.

The Conclusion

Owning a copy of the downloadable Karl Cagen’s guide is the best offer for a chicken coop product since it gives additional important downloadable copy of relevant information for a beginner’s need. This including best positioning, building nesting boxes, best ground materials and cheapest materials you can use. I highly recommend the e-book since it gives you tips and several suggestions to install a small, medium or large size coop depending on your area. The e-book sometimes comes with great bonus guides, so feel free to check their daily offer.



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