Dan Kennedy’s “Make Your Own Chicken Coop” Review


Baby chick and henMany people build their own chicken coops these days. Some chicken owners also happen to be woodworking hobbyists who truly enjoy the work of creating a wood structure themselves or are simply looking to save money. A DIY coop can cost as little as $200 — compared to about $500 for a pre-built coop. Dan Kennedy’s “Make Your Own Chicken Coop” provides designs and plans that even a DIY novice can easily follow. This guide is a perfect match for anyone who’d like to house up to eight chickens. You should definitely use this guide if you’re looking to get a few chickens but don’t want to pay the price for a pre-made hen coop.

The Pros….

  • Full color pictures blueprints with all measurements, and explanations for both the small chicken coop and a medium size which can hold up to eight chickens.

  • Anyone can do it with some patience and space, you only have to have a hand drill!
  • Includes a step-by-step video
  • This isn’t a book that will take you hours to read before you can even think about starting to build your own coop. You really can start building it today!

  • What really won me over is the fact that the writer is really willing to go the extra mile to make sure you succeed at building your very own coop. He provides you with his email if you have any questions about the blueprints or caring for your chickens. That was really helpful and reassuring after a bad memory with free-online design project that I have unsuccessfully started. So, You won’t be left with useless blueprints if you can’t figure something out.
  • Comes with a full refund 60 days policy. Thus, if at any time in those 60 days you aren’t satisfied or feel the guide is not working, You can request a full no questions asked refund for the entire purchase amount.

  • Includes a bonus caring for your chickens guide for those who have never owned them!

The Cons…

  • The video is somewhat redundant. Unless you really like to hear instructions instead of read them, for me it’s not a very useful tool. I haven’t found that there were any extra explanations in the video as opposed to just reading the blueprint.

  • I didn’t fully understand how you can upgrade from the small to the medium coop because the dimensions are completely different.My opinion is that if you need a bigger hen coop, you’d have to build a new one

My experience…

With this guide, there was no guess work about the materials needed and I was able to build my very own small coop during a weekend and at a fraction of the cost of a pre-built coop! So my family was very proud about my achievement, and my son even added a blue coat of pain on the coop doors for the extra touch. I was very satisfied with how it turned out.

The Conclusion…

Although I didn’t find the video very helpful, I believe that the blueprints with the price of materials attached is more than worth your money alone. The bonus “Caring for your chicks” guide wasn’t a precondition for me, as I had a previous knowledge on the subject. I read it and for a novice it will come in handy in the future. Dan’s willing to help attitude really made the decision for me. I was really nervous to build my own coop but, I knew I had nothing to lose.

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